Thursday, June 27, 2019

Weekend Getaway : Skechers Sundown Festival in Singapore

 Annyeong yorobun!

So, this is my very first post in 2019, lol what happened to the resolution "POSTING FREQUENTLY", well no excuse, many things happened for the past 6 months. I got new job, new life errrr new things. It was quite overwhelming in the beginning trying to adapt and grasp the whole change beyond my comfort zone. So, in order to stay sane and get myself together I felt need to refresh my mind and replenish my energy,lol. Because I already spend my entire year in 2018 to hustle and grind, I think I deserve a getaway. Actually I planned to go somewhere but unfortunately it was cancelled because my travel partner had some situation. 

I wondered if I go there alone, but I didn't think I'm brave enough, that's when my fella , Putri, told me that she'd visit Singapore in the weekend to watch her bias K-pop boy band iKON who'll perform in a  music festival in Singapore. So, yes I told her I want to tag a long. She wasn't sure at first, since actually I'm not a fan-girl. Tbh, I'm so into K-Drama, like it's my second nature, like you can count on me on this, name any actors/actresses , the dramas and all, I 'm proud of my knowledge related to this stuff. But I don't think I know a lot about K-Pop idols (fyi, people often mistook K-Drama lovers to be K-pop idol fans as well, but it's not, people). But, I'm quite familiar with Seung Jae, Joy from Red Velvet because they were also casted in some dramas I watched, and then I follow their career path, and who doesn't know  Blackpink these days?! Been following their journey ever since the debut, because I love their exceptional taste in fashion and music, and did I mention their precious other-wordly beautiful figures? As expected from YG Entertainment which houses the big stars who make it to the top chart billboard in hollywood. I told her, well I do know a bit about iKON they're also part of YG, their song was totally catchy, especially the "Love Scenario", first time heard it during their performance on the Asian Games opening which took a place in Jakarta, it's on my repeat playlist in the car ever since. She told me all the consequences being a fan-girl, so that I won't be surprised later. Well I thought I could handle that. And so, I bought the flight ticket along with the festival ticket to assure her that I really made up my mind. The festival ran for 3 days at Siloso beach, Sentosa island, but since iKON performed only in the final day as a closing act, we chose to buy a single-entry ticket for the last day.


Claiming to be a music-lover and also an once-a-vocalist , myself, puts me to shame since I only ever attended one music festival before. So, this was my second time, hopefully one day I can make it to Coachella (finger-crossed). 

But this time it was quite different from the festival I joined in before, since we're talking about K-pop here, the ambience was totally different.  There were some other performers too in the line-up but the audiences swarmed here in majority were only there for iKON . I never watched a live K-pop show before, so it kinda swept my feet off the floor , seeing how the fans were totally into this, the enthusiasm, the eagerness, to the point that they were willing to take the queue since the daybreak, while the awaited show itself  was scheduled at night! Being a K-pop dummy myself, Putri had warned me before about the queue and all,  I thought to myself that this might be exciting for a change, it's like exploring something new outside of my comfort zone.

And oh, I made some friends too, there were some fellow Indonesians from Jakarta, Batam, Surabaya, Tanggerang, and some others from the neighbouring country such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philipines. It was fun meeting new friends , we hit it quickly, even though I couldn't really join the conversation since they are the true IKONic ( iKON fandom), and here I am only familiar with one song,LOL. But they are totally kind and friendly, they didn't outcast me for being a newbie lol, they were so helpful and concerned about one and another, I'm grateful to know them, thanks to Putri. We exchanged social medias too so that we could keep in touch :D

We commuted from the down town to Sentosa island, where the festival took a place, after shubuh around 5-6 AM Singapore time. It took about an hour from Clarke Quay station where we stayed to the venue. It was pretty early, but guess what? There were a whole bunch of people who were already lining up there before we did. Well as expected actually. After hours of waiting the gate to open , we entered the venue around 12 am or so. I left behind my precious 1.5 litre mineral water , I thought they forbid bringing foods and beverages from outside, but later they told us plain water was okay :) dammit should've known that! 

After entering the venue, we scored the spots in the front row, literally just behind the fence barrier before the stage in order to see the performers literally up close. We took turn to "landmark" our position if anybody wanted to go to the toilet or bought some foods and beverages, LOL.  Well, before we get into the main event here, let me just tell you what blew my mind on top of this K-pop thing. Well, we all knew that Singapore has a mid-high cost of living, that mineral water I left behind? bought that for 2$, around 20.000 rupiah in Indonesia which you can gain 4 bottles at the same price,LOL.  And, being isolated in the venue we can only purchase foods and drinks within the area, little did I know, the mineral water available there was tagged 5$ each , for only 250mL:') like what? well, the water was one of the namely brand in collaboration with Chiara Ferragni, lol, that's why it was pretty pricey.

I got dehydrated very easily, and we were in a beach on top of that, so I ended up bought 6 bottles of mineral water and also a hot dog for 10$, also some cokes goodness 3$ each, 60 SGD for measly food and drinks lol, I was running out of dollars at the time I didn't expect it would amount that much hahaha, I brought some cash in rupiah, later I asked one of our friend to exchange their dollars with my rupiah, thank god they spared me from the hassles -_-. Well, what I spent was totally nothing compare to this friend we have, she bought dozens bottles of mineral water, just to water down her head to cool off because it was so freaking hot I myself wanna bath in that precious sparkling cold water drink too, I wish I could splurge on something like that too lol.

The thing that I was feeling fortunate for, dunno if it was to be grateful for tho, is that I was on my period, so I didn't have to do prayers, since it's not a muslim majority country, finding prayer space around the beach will be quiet you know, difficult. So there we waited there under the burning hot sun, hot beach sands, 'till the sun went down. Thank god I didn't get a heatstroke. There were some performances preceded the main act, some DJs performances one after another. Around 8 PM, I lost my footing, I felt like I was suffocated, I already past my limit, my vision started to get blur, I felt like I was about to pass out. So I decided to back off from my post and rested far away from the crowd and bought 4 bottles of mineral water. iKON performance was just an hour away, but I was afraid I'd trouble the others if I stubbornly remained there. Well, I gave myself a pat in the back though, it was my first time and I survived from morning to evening miraculously, usually I already burnt out many hours ago. Not bad for a beginner, hehehe.

So, like they said, save the best for the last, iKON finally took the stage, the crowd was so enthusiastic everybody sang along with them while waving their lighting sticks in the air, it was like a sea of lights from where I stood, such a magnificent view. Even though I watched from afar, I think it was worth the struggle. Never thought that I could watch them live, I'm glad I did. ;) I really love the stage settings, the lightings, and all.  But I think, to invite a K-Pop boyband with a pretty enthusiast fandom might need a little experience and extra caution before hand since things could get out of the hand. But thankfully, the event went pretty well despite of a little chaos because of the crowd in the back tried to have their way by pushing forward to the point that they accidentally bent the barrier and offended the people at the front, nobody fell to victims, later it was under control. But my friends were pretty  pissed off  because ,alas ,they were caught in the middle of that chaos. :'(

Overall, it was such a whole new experience, like accomplishing a quest. My friends asked me if I will join them again, yes I'd love too! I got the knack of it so maybe in the future I'll come with better preparations, haha. It was fun during the show, the energy was terrific. But, idk maybe because I'm still new to this, when I first saw the whole fan-girl-ing things, it was quite overwhelming for me, I think we're totally in a different world since I never experienced it before, I do have some idols that I adore and look up to but it's nothing compare to this. Being a K-pop fan-girl might not really for me, but I'd really love to watch their show again of course, even the private stage, count me in! ps: Putri told me that Junee, one of the iKON member is totally my type, well sure he is <3

Quick shot by Putri
Strike a pose first


You've got a friend!

The so-called KON-bat lighting sticks, I borrowed it, obviously.
Did it for the gram, LOL.

The warriors, lol

iKON performance taken by me from afar using a Zuiko 45mm prime lens f 1.8
on Olympus OMD 10 II

Got goosebumps watching them, it was fantastic T.T

on our way home


Monday, December 31, 2018

Back to the Future

"Yesterday  was history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. that's why it's called present".

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


"He's a true life-saver"

Saturday, February 3, 2018


Hello minna-san!
Aku benar-benar excited buat cerita soal perjalanan ke Jepang kali ini. Totally a dream comes true for me. Udah lama banget pengen ngerasain musim gugur di Jepang bak foto kalender dan wallpaper Windows.

So, yes... udah searching kemana-mana dan membandingkan artikel satu sama lain, aku putuskan sama temen-temen berangkat di pertengahan November demi peak season musim gugur di Jepang.Jadi, musim gugur di Jepang dimulai dari akhir bulan September hingga November, dengan puncak musimnya di skitar pertengahan November.  Saat di puncak musim, daun-daun berwarna merah dan keemasan. Masya Allah, bagus banget! Terharu, ga bisa diungkapin dengan kata-kata, speechless dengan keindahan alam yang disuguhkan kota yang penuh sejarah seperti Kyoto. Emang benar kata orang kalo ke Kyoto ga cukup sekali. Jadi, tahun 2016 aku sudah pernah mengunjungi Kyoto di musim semi pas sakura lagi bermekaran, musim gugur ini ga kalah indahnya. Masya Allah...

Perjalanan kali ini memang agak santai, menikmati pemandangan, tidak begitu mengejar itinerary dibanding tahun sebelumnya. Kalau di solat bisa dibilang khusyu', wkwkwk.

Jadi, tema kali ini adalah hunting daun-daun merah dan kuning. Tentunya Kyoto banyak spot yang angat indah untuk menyaksikan pertukaran usim ini. Selama di Kyoto kita ngunjungin kuil seperti Fushimi Inari yang terkenal dengan gerbang ribuan Tori-nya, kemudian kita juga ke Kiyomizu-Dera, tahun lalu juga singgah ke sini tapi kali ini tujuan utamanya bukan cuma pemandangan alam dan kuilnya, tapi ada yang unik nih di sekitar Kiyomizu-Dera, yaitu gerai Starbucks terunik di dunia! Apanya yang unik? Desainnya, interiornya menyerupai bangunan kuno jaman Edo seperti bangunan lainnya di sepanjang jalan yang dikenal dengan nama "Ninnenzaka".  Gerai Starbucks ini baru dibuka tahun 2017, jadi seneng banget bisa mampir ke sini, meskipun ga jadi beli karena antrian yang ga kuat. Salut banget sama orang Jepang yang rela ngantri berjam buat nyobain makanan atau minuman. Patut diacungi jempol klo soal antri-mengantri di Jepang mah, aku mah gak suka ngantri mendng ga usah beli daripada ngantri berjam-jam -__-

Nah tahun sebelumnya aku ke Arashiyama, dimana pemandangan alamnya memang gak bisa disangkal, amazing banget! Terutama bamboo forest-nya yang a must visit (akan diupdate nanti). Kali ini kita ke bagian lainnya Kyoto nih, salah satu tempat terbaik untuk dikunjungi saat musim gugur untuk menyaksikan lautan dedaunan yang merah dan keemasan, yaitu kuil Rurikoin. Tempat ini terletak di bagian timur laut kota Kyoto, sekitar 1 jam dari stasiun Kyoto dengan menggunakan bus. Begitu turun di perbehentian bus, kita langsung disuguhkan dengan perbukitan yang serba merah dan keemesan, masya Allah.. Rasanya capek mendaki jadi hilang ngelihat pemandangan bak foto kalender dan wallpaper! lol

Tapi, yahh namanya juga resiko travelling di musim puncak, dimana-mana ramai, kebanyakan oleh turis lokal. Untuk masuk ke kuil Rurikoin ini memang agak susah, boro-boro mau dapet suasana zen-nya, antriannya aja udah membludak,lol. begitu nyampe di kuil-nya, yang ada photobomb smua, dan dengar cerita banyak pengalaman yang mengecewakan karena terlalu ramai. Akhirnya mikir dua kali untuk masuk, jadi kita main di sekitar nya saja yang pemandangannya juga menakjubkan. Ada sungai kecil yang adem banget dilihat, sarok-sarok daun gugur yang bisa dijadiin materi foto. It wasn't all bad. Namanya juga perjalanan, asem-asem dikit tetap harus disyukuri dan bisa lebih menghargai apa yang kita punya, cieeh wkwkwk. Pas travelling dilarang mengeluh, karena yang namanya ekspektasi bisa selalu berbeda dari realita. Apalagi dalam perjalanan yang segala kemungkinan bisa terjadi, jadi harus enjoy jangan mengeluh dan menyalahkan satu sama lain, ntar moodnya rusak :) Lihat ke sekeliling pasti aja ada yang bagus kalau mindsetnya selalu bersyukur! Alhamdulillah...

Pemandangan di luar gini aja udah bagus banget apa lagi di dalam kuilnya, terkenal sangat indah oleh para penduduk lokal. next time kalo ke Kyoto mudah-mudahan bisa masuk ke kuilnya. Katanya, kuil Rurikoin ini cuma dibuka 2 kali setahun yaitu pada musim semi dan gugur, jadi beruntung deh yang bisa mampir ke salah satu kuil terindah di Jepang ini. Apalagi, kuil ini tidak mainstream di kalangan turis asing. Pokoknya must visit deh!


banyak jajanan di sekitar kuil ini, salah satunya takoyaki!


pose dulu dong di di bawah pohon momiji yang sedang merah-merahnya

One and only Starbucks with Japanese Edo architecture!
Lokasinya terletak di jalan Ninenzaka, tidak jauh dari Kiyomizu-dera dengan berjalan kaki.

Inside Starbucks, that queue tho!


Behind the scence, daun2nya dikumpulin dulu

Abis itu disepak-sepak manja

ditebar-tebar bak wanita di negeri dongeng,lol. untung ga ada ulat woi!

Pemandangannya kaya wallpaper desktop windows, masya allah :')


twirl twirl kalo roknya ngembang asik banget muter2 begini sampe puyeng.
Jika diperhatikan di belakang saya ada...

hmmm. lucu banget ya... pengen bawa pulang masuk kuali...

Pemberian Gong Yoo ahjussi. 

Masya Allah.

kaya di kampung ga ada daun kering aja neng :') banyak noh di halaman

airnya dingin banget gaes, kaya air es. wudhu di sini kulit kena frostbite saking dinginnya. tapi segerlah di kampung ga ada yang beginian jadi puas2in.

Bobok ciang dulu ach, mimpi disampering sama Jong suk oppa

Ada turis yang mau fotoin ini boneka. aku numpang jepret juga lucu sihh

Perbehentian bus tepat di gerang masuk ruikoin, dari stasiun Kyoto bisa langung naik bus sekitar 1 jam ke sini.

Nah foto ini diambil ga jauh dari stasiun Kyoto sepulang dari Rurikoin. Sebenarnya ini udah gelap , jam 5 sore di sini kaya maghrib banget di kampung, tapi di kamera masih kelihatan terang.

banyak pohon Ginko di taman kota Kyoto


Alhamdulillah, di Kyoto banyak terdapat makanan Halal salah satunya Ayam-ya ini,
located not far from Kyoto station, within 10 minutes walk


Fushimi Inari Taisha

 68 Yabunouchi-cho, Fukakusa, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Prefektur Kyoto
Akses : JR Nara Line (Stasiun Inari), Keihan Dentetsu (Stasiun Fushimi Inari)


 1-294 Kiyomizu, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Akses:  Keihan Dentetsu Line ke stasiun Kiyomizu-gojo, 25 menit berjalan kaki hingga ke lokasi.

Rurikoin Temple

55, Kamitakanohigashiyama, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Stasiun Yasahieizan-guchi, Eizan Electric Railway (Eiden)
Akses: 5 menit berjalan kaki dari Yasahieizan-guchi Station; 20 menit berjalan kaki dari stasiun Gion Shijo jalur Keihan railway.

Atau menggunakan Bus Kyoto (for Ohara,Kodeishi) to Yaseekimae. 7 menit berjalan kaki dari bus stop ke lokasi

admission: 2000 yen

info selengkapnya bisa ke situs resmi nya :

Thank you for reading!

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