Friday, August 4, 2017

The Moment of Truth

"There must be something that I could find in the pit of the darknes"

Somewhere along the lines
I lost that kid
One that was cheerful, earnest and passionate.
I was too young
Dumbstrucked by the awful fate
The spell was already casted
No going back
I had to see it till the end..

People blamed
I won't deny
no need to tell the truth
They won't listen
It was my decision
In this rocky road,
I've braced myself
I knew what the chances are
However, the gravity seemed to pull me down
I kept on falling, again and again
Once again, The tears fell down as I saw...
The dreams in my hand slipped through my fingers...
The ray of hope dimmed away
I lost my grip
I fell into a deep hollow
The spell turned out to be a curse

The days went by
Losing the track of time
Chained in the pit of the darkness
It felt so distant, the memories.
I heard people were laughing
What a fool..
I learned the hard way..
There's no mortals I shoud rely on
No place should be leaned on
But Allah

There must be a reason
Is it a punishment?
Is it a trial?
Maybe in this darkness
I should find something
That couldn't be seen from up there.
Something that only glow in the dark...

I struggled on my own
To stand up again and strengthened my self
Keep believing that Allah won't leave me in the dust
I won't lose my vision
My faith..

I no longer wait
For someone to reach out my hand
They said I can never withstand
They kept telling me
That aiming for the moon is a farfetched dream
But I believe
May be I will never touch the moon
But at least I'm gonna be among the stars.

Thus, the curse was broken
I let go the venomous thorny rose I held onto
My heart was bleeding
But time heals all wounds
I dragged my feet
Walked down the path I used to believe
This is the moment of truth.
Once again..
I crawled my way up
Following the light
This isn't over
One step at a time
I will find my way to the Milky Way...

Outfit Details :

Nude coat, AVENUE
Vintage flower pinafore
Brown ankle boots, EVERBEST

Carpentier Kitchen and Cafe
Jl. Untung Suropati, no.38
Surabaya, Indonesia


  1. You look so amazing and your outfit is so stunning. Keep it up miss,


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