Friday, July 28, 2017

Tea time with Mr. Teddy

Never too old to make a friend with Teddy!

Hi everyone ! I'm still staying in surabaya at the moment, had been wondering about where to go and what to post on blog and instagram, so I and my friend decided to do "cafe-hunting". Recently I found an eye-catchy cafe when I browsed through the internet. I also searched it on instagram, I knew this place will be so much fun to be visited!

So, yesss welcome to the Teddy land !

This cafe called One Pose Cafe, made my heart jumped to see many spots that are surely "insta-genic or instaworthy" or whatever you name it. And this cafe is so full of Teddy bears! These bring back memories. As soon as we stepped in, we were welcomed with a good hospitality, we ordered some foods, and we were so ready to seize the place! Thank god I think I made a good decision to wear this baby blue dress, it was somehow matched with one of the photo spot here,hehe. This place was such a moodbooster, when you're like suffocated of some issues, need a relax and fun place to idle around and for sipping a good tea, and you are a girl on top of that (boys are allowed too for sure), this place is your option. ( I forgot to mention, a social media enthusiast and OOTD-maniac, LOL)

But first lemme take a mirror selfie on this biewtiful mirror. 

Oh yes, I forgot to mention this place located at the residential area, I think they transformed a house into a cafe and also a boutique. This place is pretty huge, it has 2 levels, these shots we took downstairs..

grr.. how I love the details of these sleeves ! and the backdrop too! <3<3

Be a good boy, Teddy!

And.....these were taken upstairs.....

My fav OOTD spot, hehe

I felt like I was in a photo studio or sumthin.

Peek a boo!
Let me introduce y'all to  my partner in crime good deeds, Niken. LOL. These shots are so dreamy, we don't do sweet moment like this in real life, wkwkwk. ( WKWKWK is a laughter invented by Indonesian , wkwkwk)

These selfies we took by using remote control feature of the camera. Not bad,hehe.

She was totally lost it :( ( back sound : "sudah terlalu lama sendiri~..")

Couldn't help myself to take as many shots during our visit. Most of them are my OOTDs which will be so much redundancy if I post all of them here, haha. Too bad I didn't bring a zoom lens or wide lens along with me, so I just used my 45mm fix lens, hikss. So everything was zoomed out, but it's better than nothing, so here are some more shots of the cafe...

Pardon our leftovers -_-

Okay, enough is enough, I already took hundreds of pictures (most of them just a  bunch of redundant OOTDs -_-), it was time for a feast! And you know what? taking foodie pictures has never been this torturing,LOL. I was hungry af, but needed to take a decent photo of the menu we ordered. So, I didn't think much of the composition or whatsoever. I just went for it as fast as I could so that finally I could devour them all, haha.

I love that dessert tiers ( oh no, now I'm craving for it :') )

This is a tea set costed 65K, available during lunch time.

The price were not so pricey ranging from IDR 30-60K. The hospitality was good, ambience was great, good location a lil' bit away of the hustle bustle of the city. I think this place will make a perfect hideout.

Outfit Details

Floral square hijab, PASTELOVA HIJAB
Baby blue dress, ZARA

Location :

Jl. Puncak Permai III, No.23A,
Surabaya, Indonesia


  1. Oh my, everything in this café looks so photogenic! I can't stand those adorable teddy bears! <3
    The foods look good as well! :9

    Novreica |

    1. Indeed , even the pictures don't do justice for it's cuteness! Anw thank you for stopping by <3xoxo

  2. cepat pulanggggggg ������

  3. a very good photo indeed. The cafe is tooooo cuteeeeee. I haven't seen anything like this before. What a Cafe!

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