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Living my otaku deams...

Hello minna san! Resuming my Japan Ttravelogue , this time I'd like to share my trip to Akihabara and Fujiko F. Fujio museum (a.k.a Doraemon museum ).

The starting point of this journey is from Harajuku,I was there at the moment to find a portable WiFi rental at the Tourist information center, located not far from the Takeshita exit of Harajuku station. Well, I dicusseed about it and some other tips at the end of this post. Beware of this long post and many OOTDs, lol.

Stumble upon the icon of Harajuku ;)

My hubby filled in some datas to rent the WiFi

The situation in the Harajuku information centre

It's not everyday you can find the quirky Harajuku hipster at Takeshita street, I was there before and coulnd't met one. lucky me she was there while I didn't expect anything. yeaayyy :D

So from Harajuku station we headed to Noborito station. Actually, Doraemon museum is located at the outer side of Tokyo, around Kawasaki. The best way to go is from this station, because they provide the shuttle buses which take you straight to the museum without hustle.

There you go our cute ride!

This shuttle bus really said something like "let me take you to your childhood dream".. heehee >.<

Off we go !


Don't forget your tickets!
The tickets to Fujiko F. Fujio museum can't be bought on the spot. You must purchase it first at the nearby LAWSON convenience store.

Gotta push and push to get Giant out !

moshi-moshi? Doraemon? *pardon my shopping bag -_- 
P.S : Next time don't go shopping while you still have some itineraries to do and going around with public transportations on top of that :') #ohIcouldntresistthoseoutfits

There was an area that is restricted from camera and phone. The exhibition area, where you can witness the very first manuscript of Fujiko F.Fujio sensei!! OMG I was literally burst to tears to see all of them and listened to the history of his career and his creation. It's been my dream to visit this museum and finally I made it, alhamdulillah :')

Gotta wait for your turn to take a picture

Lets' have a wefie, Doraemon ! ;)

Gotta buy the signature snacks from this store!

The memorizing bread! I hope it's useful for my exam, hahah
OOTD is a must gurrrlllll

There's also a cafe with a Doraemon theme. Too bad I couldn't try it because we rushed to our next destination :(

You can  find the merchandise store at the exit

Let's go to the next destination!


Badumtss badumtsss that was how my heart sound once I touched down the Akihabara station. And at the exit you know that you're definitely here in the OTAKU AND ELECTRONIC CENTER OF TOKYO! Now let me live my otaku dreams...... >.<

These ads maybe mentioned something like, "welcome Otaku !" hahhaha

OOTD anytime anywhere, may be you already sick seeing my pose hahah
In front of Tokyo anime center !

Many game and anime center in this neighborhood

Today was amazing! now let's have some rest for the next itineraries!

Actually my original plan was Harajuku - Shimokitazawa - Doraemon museum and the last is Akihabara. But too bad we didn't have so much time. I didn't even get to stay as much as I wanted to in Akihabara. hikss. Maybe next time I'll visit Tokyo again and make the most of my time there. hihihi.


- As I mentioned at the previous Japan travelgue, commuting around Tokyo is pretty cofusing with many lines , exits and stations. The signs sometimes not helping either since they are written mostly in Japanese, so I'd recommend to visit to check which train you should take to the specific place.

- Before going to the Doraemon / Fujiko F. Fuji museum, make sure you already purchase the ticket . Because the visitor can't buy the tickets on the spot. Choose the time and date of your visit in advance then purchase the ticket at the nearby LAWSON. The machine is all written in Japanese, don't hesitate to ask some help from the employee.

- Doraemon museum located at the outside of Tokyo, in the Kawasaki city. The best way to reach it is by heading to NOBORITO station first, because this station provides the direct shuttle buses which run every 10 minutes to the museum.

- I said I rented a WiFi in Tokyo due to some reasons, but honestly I'd recommend you to rent it from your own hometown or country, there are some agents which provides the WiFi rentals and also the SIM card in way cheaper price like . It's no secret that the living cost in Japan is quite high, so it won't hurt if you can save some money. I intended to buy the SIM card but too bad I was too late since it was the peak season and the products are in high demand. So buy it in advance before your trip.






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