Sunday, November 6, 2016

November Rain

" Cause nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain.." - Gun n Rose

Wake up in the wet dewy morning, here we are in November. I've always liked the rainy season since it's usually hot and humid here in my hometown. So this is totes the sweater weather!! Or the knitted weather or whatsoever.

So I bought this oversized Navy Club knitted sweater back then in Tokyo at the thrift store, KINJI. I grabbed this sweater without much thinking, 'cause the color ugh-so-me. The price was around 1500 yen.

Btw this was taken last week when we visited some kind of "restricted " neighborhood hehe. I and my classmates wanted to get some air 'cause we were suffocated with tons of assignments and deadlines :') as soon as we arrived at this place, we jumped outta the car and snapped here and there. Many good spots around so definitely gonna come back here for sure, haha.

Ah, I also want to thank all of my beloved readers and followers on instagram for your kind words. I received comments and emails, which makes me so happy to hear that my passion is loved and inspiring for you. I'll do my best to keep it up. So thank you so much ! Xoxo

Oversized sweater over the pleated maxi skirt? so ready for school!

The pleated floral skirt always gives off the vintage vibe which me likey!

HIJAB, @pastelovahijab

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