Autumn Fling

"I have a fling for autumn"

Anyeonghaseyo yorobun!

In the end of this October, I'd like to share my fav style for this season. Yas, it's gonna be more like instagram round-up maybe?

So, most of my look lately inspired by Kate Spade  New York Fall Winter 2016. I love how the flower pattern doesn't look oh-so-summer >.<

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These whole outfits are from  PASTELOVA

All about layers!

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Bell sleeved blouse from D Petite Boutique

Can never go wrong with the colorful background! Check out our iron-clad rules for an insta-worthy OOTD, HERE

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Summer-ish skirt with a long coat? Go for it!

I forgot where I got this coat, if you know where its from, please leave a comment below.
Bag, MAYONETTE | Red Loafers, The Little Things She Needs


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