Monday, August 8, 2016


Juicy mood :)

Hi everyone! It's still summer out there, isn't it? Put away your monochrome outfits, it's time to play with colors! hehehe. I love mix and matching the patterns and colors, it's really fun like putting together some pieces of art. I'm so happy wearing something I love, colorful and pastel pallete are totally my thing. Well, talking about colorful, I wanna share a tale of a colorful spirit I heard from a friend. This is not your usual fairy tale, better not read it if it's not your cup of tea.

Once upon a time there was a colorful spirit. She was known for her laughter. Everyone admired her.  But deep down, she struggled for her own heart. She was young, she was clueless. What it  meant to be happy? what it takes to be the one who deserve it? she had no idea.

She tried to create her own happiness. She built the imaginary happy-ever-after kingdom. Until there was a wake up call. She realized, all along she just lived in her own dream. Everything she trusted to be real, turned out to be fake. Her heart was shattered. As she heard the sound of her heart fell apart, she smiled with the tearful eyes. " Good job my heart, you've done well", she said as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She thanked for all of the lesson she just learned, she was grateful for everything happenned in her life, but once once something is broken it'll never be the same again.

The roses she held, full of thornes. The tighter she held, the more wound she get. The roses were finally wilted, it was time to let go. The spirit no longer care about her own happiness, all that remain was the hope for her loved ones'. "If only I can share the amount of happiness, I'll drain all of mine for them". She left her dream, and came back to reality. She kept all the wound inside, she just being cheerful like she used to be, no one could tell there was a hollow in her heart. The colorful spirit turned blue. But she excelled the trick, the blue seemed colorful and bright...

So yeah that's it. Btw, I and my friend visited one of the not-so-new restaurant in town. As always we had literally snap and chat situation, lol. So here some snaps from my look and our wefie :)

Loving my fruity tee I bought at Zara.

I love this kind of combo, like a tropical fruty fusion, fressshhh >.<

When life gives you a lemon...

With my partner in crime, Madame Anggun :p

Girls will be girls


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