Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hijab Tutorial by Mella

New Hijab tutorial alerts!

 Pardon my chubbiness :')

Hi everyone! It's August already! Hope things get better for you this month :)  Well btw I've shared one of the hijab style that I came up with on my youtube channel, Inspired by the bohemian child, and also the inspiring Hana Tajima. Hope you guys like it! This hijab style is suitable for casual use, and for formal occasion you can try this style with sateen and silk scarves! 

Insha Allah more tutorials to come! don't forget to subscribe ! see yaa, Xoxo <3



  1. you are so adorable. i love your blog. keep writing. and this hijab looks easy. i should better try it. i will let you know how it went. though i am a little clumsy.

    1. hi, thank you for the kind words <3 sure, I'd love to see you try it. xoxo <3

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