Saturday, July 30, 2016


A day in the wonderland....

Dear minna!

Long time no post. Here I wanna share one of the memorable spot when I visit Japan last April. It’s Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku!!! If you’re in Harajuku and looking for the crazy and quirky experience in Tokyo, well this is your place!

 The menu tab is major cute, I wanna have a bite !

So, before entering you are told by the waitress that the entrance fee is 500 yen, so actually you’re not required to order the food there but we did because everything in the menu was so temptating (and instagram-able, of course) , I can’t guarantee you if the menu is halal or not. All I asked them if the menu I chose contain pork and liquor or not. So, my choice fell into this cute and huge colorful parfait! While my hubby ordered this waffle with chicken on top and a cup of coffee (I didn’t capture it because it’s not so instagenic,lol).

Savory waffle and my colorful parfait! 

 There were many foreign visitors here, and also koukousei (high school girls) came to visit,they were so cute.

When I stepped into this cafe, I felt like I was thrown in to the Wonderland, as in Alice in the Woderland and of course me as the heroine, hahaha. The decoration was so spectacular. We went there around 11AM and thank god we made it before they started the fun performance by the Kawaii Monster Cafe staffs. I heard many visitors missed this show even after waiting for 2 hours, so lucky me!

So, after ordering our menu, we ran around every corner of this cafe, of course to take some snaps. Seriously, I really love this place! just like what I expected from the crazy Harajuku spot.  Seeing the watress in the cute polkadot-joker-like uniform, the quirky “Kawaii Monster” girls and amazing backdrop wherever you go! This place was the weirdest ( in a good way) place I’ve ever been to, I was so happy to be here. Living my Harajuku dream mission, accomplished!

They pulled one of the visitors to join the show!

The monster girls were posing once in a while on this giant-moving-round-and-round cake!

 Wefie with one of the cute monster girl :)

Happy face ;) 

Disco mushroom area..



the colorful Mel's tea room area..

 Where there's a colorful backdrop. there's an OOTD :p

Spotted the earlier high school girl while mirror-ing :D

This is the smoking room, Japan is so strict about smoking, it's only allowed in the certain spot. 

 Welcome to the jungle!

You can find this merchandise store at the exit.

Tips :

- The entrance fee wasn’t much, only 500 yen. The visitors are not required to order the food there.

- Actually I couldn’t understand their explanation in the beginning, because the staff couldn’t speak in English so better browse about this cafe or any place in Japan thoroughly. ( Honestly, I didn’t know we didn’t need to order anything here, I learned it after I already went back home, LOL.)
- I couldn’t tell if the food were worth to buy or not since we were charged more than 5000 yen ( equal around IDR 600.000) during our visit. But well the parfait was amazing and huge (an instagram material too) so I didn’t really mind. But if you don’t want to order anything you can spend your time taking pictures inside with only 500 yen!
- I suggest you to come around 11 am if you don’t want to miss the show. Because many visitors missed it later than 12 am.
- If you want to experience the crazy and quirky side of Japan, this is a must visit spot for you!

How to go there?

This place is located at the 4th floor of YM Square building in the Jingumae street opposite of the Harajuku street.


The local address:

150-0001神宮前 4-31-10YMスクエア 4F
 (show this address to the local language speaker to ask for direction.)

Watch my vlog below to see more about this cafe! :)


  1. Dan ini lucu banget sih kak.. heboh bangeet cafenya :')

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