Sunday, July 31, 2016

Black and Gum

Edgy mode on!

This is my OOTD I just took with my niece. She's officially my photographer now, haha. So the idea is chewing a gum with a hoodie jacket on. It turned out, well not bad, hehee.

When I scrolled down the result, my sister told me it kinda reminds her of Lupus, the hit TV series in Indonesia around 2000s. Well, I heard about it a long time ago but never really watched it, since I was still a kid. The signature style of Lupus was chewing and blowing the bubblegum. Maybe I'm gonna watch it later :D

So, yes today I went a lil' edgy with monochrome outfits 'cause we know that black and white are not gonna outta style,hhehe. As always I wore a skirt in a knee length (honestly, it's a pinafore, hehe), with the black tight on. Wearing this kinda skirt might conceal the fact that now you're gaining weight :') yeaaahh I've gained since the Raya. In my home and when we visited the relatives' house there were too many feasts, and I yup I could't resist. Now, I can't even look at the weigher, too  much feels :")

Btw, are you a Korean drama fans? If you are, then you must have known that this season is packed with amazing K-Dramas !! One that I always look forward every weeks is W !! Lee Jong Suk is totally HOT in this series, more than I can handle *nosebleed. Another drama worth to watch is Let's Fight Ghost! Starred by the adorable Kim So Hyun :3 and someone else as the male lead, who is it again? I forgot hehe. Next is Uncontrollably Fond by Wo Bin and Bae Suzy (*love struck*), Beautiful Mind starred by Jang Hyuk and park So Dam is also interesting but too bad it is underrated  despite of the amazing story line, since the air time is the same as the Doctors starred by Park shin Hye. I watched Doctors and it was amazing at the beginning but I started to get bored in the latest episodes even though I love Park Shin Hye so much :(. I hope Doctors will finish airing soon, so the slot will be replaced by the Scarlet Heart which full of flower boyssss, yes guys you hear me name all the hotties! Ji Soo, Ha Neul, Joon Gi, and more! *puppy eyes*. Sorry I got carried away, pardon the irrelevant rambles, haha. Many shows  to watch , there you go my education :") hahaha, well then see you on the next post!

I bought this jacket at Forever21 in Tokyo. The foreign brand was much cheaper than the local brand there,haha -_-.



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