Monday, June 13, 2016

90s kid

"Wearing a happy face with denim on denim..."

Talking about nineties. It's like reminiscing the old memories. I think it was the best era to grow up. Kids didn't just stay at home and browse through YouTube ( when was it again that they invented YouTube?).  When I was a kid I used to play outside a lot, sweat over the traditional game with neighborhood buddies after school, on the daily basis. Remembered how such a sleepy head I was on the weekdays but totally a morning person when it was weekend only to watch my favorite cartoons or animes like Doraemon hahaha.  Another show that I addicted to was definitely Pokemon! I could even name all of the Pokemons' species and sing them all, hahahha. I still love Pikachu up until now tho. You'll just never too old for anime (cheers)! And oh of course no girls who don't love Disney's fairy tales..

Ahhh what a memory... When Britney Spears asked for one more time and Backstreet Boys wanted it that way. I remember when I went to elementary school, I always tried to sneak into my big sis' room (what a brat,duuhh), she was in the high school at the time, yes we're many years apart. She had these many posters of the "heartthrob" celebrities at the time on the wall (typical fan girl), and also many cool stuffs in my eyes (kid's eyes) that was enough to lure me in,lol. I loved to browse through all of her stuffs (kids, please don't do this at home), like clothes, cassettes, textbooks, magazines and also pulled this detective scene like finding her secret stuffs such as a diary and love letters, and showed it to my mom, yes I used to piss her off all the time, hahaha.

Well 90s is surely had things that we hardly forget. When it comes to 90s fashion trend, the first thing came to my mind is a patched denim. So, lately I crave for that kind of outfits with a little touch of my own personal taste.

Found happiness in the neighborhood, colorful backdrop! Kind of reminds me of the cabins at the Brighton beach, never been there tho, LOL.

Bought these denim pants back then in Bangkok, one of my fav 'cause it's not too tight at the thigh XD

Pink furry bag. Yay or slay?

Furry pink bag, COLORBOX
Ripped denim jacket, PASTELOVA


  1. Love the colors here. Thanks for sharing and check out our latest blog post!

    EyeSeeEuphoria |

  2. Yes! I am loving all the color & fun here. I especially like the pineapple patch. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. This look is seriously too cute! As a fellow nineties kid I think I will forever be obsessed with denim on denim and bright colors.
    Thanks for sharing!
    xx Annie

  4. Yessss, 90s is the best!
    I think tis is in bogor right? I love to go thereeee

    Putri |


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