Thursday, May 19, 2016

5 Hacks to Stay Stylish on Budget !

"Fashions fade, style is eternal..." - Yves Saint Laurent

Hi everyone, sorry it took some time for me to post again. Well,actually I wanna recap my trip in Japan but may be I can put it on hold for later :p

Anyway, some time ago friends of mine wondering about how I come up with the different outfits like everyday. Some also claimed I'm actually that well off to purchase many new items every month. Well, I'm not filthy rich and there are times when I broke too, heeheehee.

However, being broke doesn't enough to surpress my passion in styling. So, I came up with some hacks that might work for you too... here you go..

Have nothing to wear? Well, that's every girls' problems. Afraid not, instead of trying to buy new outfiits, what about take some time to dig into your pile of old outfits in closet? or may be find your mother's hand downs? or even your sisters' ( yes, I did that,lol). Put the oldies-but-goldies-pieces together and with the right amount of 'mix and match' the miracle is in your favor... hehehe. They'll look as if you never wore them before.

"Read more about this look on my previous post or click HERE"

Thrift hunting is the most exiting idea for me to do! It's like a quest to find a treasure, LOL. Believe me, thrift market has many good outfits to offer,  and if you're lucky you can have one of a kind pieces and unique items, on a crazy low budget on top of that! Don't be embarassed to hunt them down, because you know what? Many top fashion bloggers do it too! and they totally nailed it.Why splurge so much  when you can stay stylish and save penny at the same time, best deal ever!

"Bought this pants in Tokyo at the thrift store (gonna blog about it soon!)"

Following the trend is good but keeping up with it is gonna make you spend more money since the trend will not stop updating. Ignore the trend, stick to your own style. May be you like the sporty or edgy or bohemian style? Just stick with it. Just like the Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal". Just be yourself, who knows that you might be the next trend setter!

Girls, having the branded and luxury items goes without saying they'll look good on you (unless you hmmm suck?) hehe.  But  what about having the ordinary  items and yet you rockin' it? Yes, that's the challenge! Even the discounted items also will look fabulous with your kind of mix and match power! (never underestimate the power of mix and match!)

"Pardon my tired face  :p, well believe it or not I bought this skirt at the garage sale of Forever 21 in Tokyo for only 500 yen or so (around 50.000 rupiah), it's way cheaper than my meal there, lol."

Be creative! you can browse many DIY ideas on blogs or pinterests. Maybe like putting on some patches on your old denim jacket and voilaaaaa it looks new again!
"I put some patches on my old denim jacket for the 90's vibe!"

So that's it! Let's be a smarter fashion lover and never lose ideas, who knows you might inspire others too. So, see you on the next post!

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