Sunday, May 22, 2016

4 Tips for an Insta-worthy OOTD

Hi fellas!

I'm still on the zone for spamming on my blog, hehe. So, as requested by some of my dear followers on instagram, I decided to share some tips from my own personal experience of how to create an (self-claimed) insta-worthy OOTD 😝. In addtion, in these following tips I'm also sharing my favorite image editor apps too! So the beans are spilled, let the secret unveiled........
If you love to scroll down the bloggers' pictures on instagram, you must have noticed that their pictures have the great bokeh. Bokeh is the blurred background and focusing only on the main object. It's perfect for portrait shot or even foodtography 👌🏻

So, first of all what it takes to create an insta-worthy OOTD is the weapon itself, camera.You can use either mirrorless or DSLR. For me, I've been using Canon D60 with a fix lens 50mm f1.8 and also Fujifilm XT10 with kit lens XC 16-55mm ( I barely use this one for OOTD).

The f number of a lens responsibles to create a bokeh, the smaller the f number is, the better bokeh it produced. I recommend to use a prime or fix lens since most of it comes with a wide aperture ( small f number) so it's perfect for portrait or OOTD. Here are some OOTD inspiration with bokeh that you might like...

OOTD on the street with a great bokeh by the beautiful @tiebowtie .

OOTD by the stunning @olivialazuardy with a nice bokeh to highlight the her outfits.

Great shot of the hipster hijab fashionista, @iymel .

This dreamy picture by @elleyamada tho!!! She's so kireeiiii ❤️

Gotta insert mine too :p, you can't complain,lol.

Don't have a camera or prime lens? Don't mind! You can produce a good OOTD even only with your phone's camera! Just follow some other tips below, keep reading 👀

Another perfect way to bring up your OOTD game is by picking an interesting backdrop! Even by using your phone's camera, great backdrop gonna enhance your outfits.

I love taking OOTDs outdoor and pick the interesting backdrop, like mural painting, scenic architecture, beautiful landscape, etc. But if I want to highlight my outfit, I'll go for the very least scenic backdrop.

This photo was taken by phone, not bad right? :p

Here are some references from my favorite bloggers...

Great shot with a perfect city skyline as a backdrop, as expected from @anazsiantar, she's such a stunner!

Have you ever found the backdrop that matches your outfit color? Then don't think twice to embrace it! Picture by @chloe_t

Perfect picture by the always stunning @dianpelangi choosing the scenic architecture as a background, hands down!

Another picture by @dianpelangi. Your kind of summer dream. This is so perfect I wanna cry :')

Colorful backdrop from @studiodiy ❤️

"Who's that cute lady?" Said no one ever 💔 lol. I love this kind of backdrop!

Don't underestimate the lighting, because it's one of the major factor to create a decent OOTD. I prefer the natural light when it's about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset, they create the best lighting for me. I tend to avoid taking pictures in the mid day when the sun shines pretty harsh, not only bad for pictures it's also bad for my skin :P

What's with that "welcome-to-my-adventure" kinda pose? Well btw I love this soft natural light in the afternoon!

No DSLR or mirrorless camera? No problem! You can create a good OOTD with the tips above and, of course, with image editors as the final touch!

Well, it depends on one's preference but for me I love the bright and vibrant tone. So, I've been using Photoshop Express on my iPhone. It's also available on Android for free. I think this is the best editor I've got so far, the features are so simple, just adjusting the brightness, contrast and stuffs. But to make it more interesting it also support the noise and fog reduction, so when you have a noised picture ( which is commonly taken in the low light) you can reduce it easily. And also, I love the spring and colorful filter on the app that enable me to make a vibrant colorful picture. And you know what? All of the features and filters (including the premium one) are for FREE, all you need to do is just download the app and sign up or sign in to the Adobe account.

So, this is how I edit my OOTD:



So, I edited the image above with Photoshop Express. The'before' picture is not symmetrical so I adjusted it and cropped it into square and then I enhanced the colors with the Springfilter then increased the exposure a little and raised the vibrancy. So easy but the result is pretty instagenic right? Teeheee :p

Another app that I love is Pixlr! It enables you to edit your picture without reducing the image size and quality. You can even resize your picture directly on the app.

Snapseed is also the way to go! It has many features and filters that can beautify your OOTD! Even our favorite blogger, Diana Rika Sari use one too for her pictures! (if I'm not mistaken)

One of our fav look by @dianarikasari . What can I say? She is a fashion goddess.

Okay that's it! Hope you guys enjoy my tips! thank you for reading! See you on the next post <3



  1. pixlr ama snapseed.. buat ootd baguslah kak..
    klo vsco lebih ke foto street hehehe

  2. Great tips!

    Take care doll!! Ps: I'm hosting a Giveaway. I'd love if you entered!

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing the tips, the pictures are cool!
    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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