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 "I heard it's 5cm per second, the speed of the cherry blossom falls.." - 5cm per second

Hello guys!

It's been a while since my last post! This time I wanna share my kind of highlight of the year? YES! It's JAPAN and cherry blossom season on top of that! God, I can't ask for more! Alhamdulillah. May be for some people it ain't a big deal to go to Japan. But maaan, Japan is like a dream come true for a self-claimed otaku like meehhh! This is what I've yearned every days and nights and finally it's all paid off.

So, I and my hubby with another 4 friends arrived at Haneda airport at around 11PM Japan time, it took about 6 hours to go from KL. The time when we touched down our AirBnB apartment around Nishi-Nippori station, Arakawa-ku,  this was my first encounter with Sakura. Totemo kireiii with the dime light of the street lamp, I just couldn't wait to take a picture with it!

 "Rushing to take pictures even before dropping our luggage, haha"

"It was already quite in the mid night, so taking a picture on the street literally won't hurt :p" 

 The next day, we woke up not really early because of jet-laggin' and the weather was really asking us to stay in bed, haha. It was slightly raining in the morning but won't cease my desire to explore the town! We decided to go for a temple-hopping and Sakura-hunting kind of day.

"Sakura on my feet"

"The neighborhood situation in the morning, so peaceful"

OOTD pic first before leaving :p. Decided to wear pastel outfits <3 

So, we get around Tokyo with train and subway since this is the most convenient way in Japan. From Nishi-Nippori station we headed to the Ueno station, it was just 2 stations away using JR Yamanote line. The Ueno park just in walking distance from the station.

Kireii no Sakura... 

Blogger life :')

Candid shot by my hubby, spotted me and my friend scrolling down the snaps. Why so serious? -_-

Gotta wash before entering the temple.

They offered the Amazake, a traditional sweet and low-alcohol kinda sake, of course I didn't try one..

OOTD pic with the cherry blossom background? Checked!

  I just knew that there are many variants of cherry blossoms and we could find some of them here in Ueno.

Japan is really strict about the garbage

After taking snaps and mandatory OOTDs and also my kind of commercial picture with cherry blossom, the next stop is...

So from Ueno station we took the Tokyo Metro Ginza line to the Asakusa station. As we arrived at the station, we continued walking to the nearby famous temple, Senso-ji.

"Kaminarimon gate, the outer large entrance gate that ultimately leads to Senso-ji temple"

So, after passing the first gate ( there are two giant gates leading to Sensoji temple the outer is Kaminarimon and the inner is Hanzomon). We were greeted by this paradise where you can find many traditional and signature foodies of Japan! Yup, it's Nakamise street which connects directly to the Hanzomon gate.
 "Welcome to Nakamise street"

 "Let the snack be ever in your flavor"

Gotta try matcha ice cream!

Couldn't eat the ice cream away from the shop, kinda irritating, but well rules are rules :(

Many culinary shops and booths were calling my name. Was ripped off before I know it -_-
There you go, the Senso-ji temple. To be honest, I couldn't pay much attention to the temple since the culinary spots were drawing the best of me :')
Many tourists tried to draw oracles.

Takoyaki ready to serve! yummmm

My fav chicken karaage!

Strolling around the neighbourhood

Cherry blossom everywhere....

There are so many platforms in the station, the timetable won't so helpful because it's written in Japanese so better double check or you'll end up somewhere else 😂 

This is my very first time to Japan, and honestly it was quite a struggle to find which track or platform to go in the station because they're all written in Japanese and it was also not easy to communicate since many of the japanese can't use English. But at least I had so much fun practicing my so-mediocre-Japanese I learned from Anime to ask directions, miraculously it worked!! well, can't say always work, since many of them also reply in Japanese and I just be like "haik haik wakarimashita" hahaha.

Well as a rookie traveller in Japan, a lil' tips won't hurt right?

  • Don't forget to always check the weather forecast on , the forecast is most likely accurate so you'll be prepared  whether to bring umbrella or not.

  • Use whenever you try to go to places with subway, train or even shinkansen. It will show you the way to reach your destination.
  • Most of the information in the stations are written in Japanese, don't hesitate to ask to the officer or the people nearby, Japanese are really willing to help you when you lost :) even though not many of them can speak in English, they will show you the way.

  • If you're the first-time traveller in Tokyo like me, I think it's best to stay in the apartment or hotel near the JR station which is in the YAMANOTE LOOP. Yamanote loop is the circle rail which connects most favorite places in Tokyo with Yamanote train ( Akihabara, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Ueno, Ikebukuro etc). So, you can save money, time and energy.
  • Rather than booking a hotel, I think the best way to stay in Tokyo is by using AirBnB, since it's likely cheaper than hotel and more convenient. The aparment has all you need like kitchen, clean bedroom, and etc. This is my first time using the app and I'm satisfied with it! If you never use one, you can use this link to join and have 37$ voucher for your first time use.


Ueno park is just a minute away walking from Ueno station. It's easy to reach because Ueno station is in the YAMANOTE LOOP ( the circle rail of JR Yamanote line which connects the most favorite places in Tokyo like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku and many more).


The best way to go to Asakusa is by using subway (which is not part of JR company), from Ueno station take the Tokyo Metro Ginza line to Asakusa station.

The temperature when I visited Tokyo was going around 6 degree - 16 degree celcius. I think some layers are recomended and when the temp drop to 6 celcius it's better to wear coat or a thick sweaters. I miscalculated the temperature before, I didn't check the current temp just concluding it won't be so cold since the winter is over, but when the temp hit 10 degree, for me it was so freaking cold, may be due to my poor restraint since I'm from such a tropical country. I don't know maybe it's kinda relative for some people, but for me I totally need my coat. So regret for leaving my adorable coats at home and high knee boots too! :'(

Long oversized shirt, HIJUP
Mangura Skirts, PICNIC
Crossbody bag, COACH
White slip on sneakers, BERSHKA

Btw , see you on the next travelogue! I've been saving to travel more from now on, since this is my passion and I just knew that apparently travelling can also improve our health ! I read this article here and I thought may be it'll be helpful to encourage you to travel more too

8 Reasons Why Traveling is good for your health

You're welcome ;)


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  4. Looking forward for more interesting travelogues like this one, loved the weather here.

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