Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Buttoned Midi Skirt

"Fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it"

Well, I've been loving to mix and match outfits since I was in junior high. I had a lot of clothes that were handed down from my sister ( this is the best point of having a sister, hahahaa :p). She has a good fashion sense, I guess. So, I just ended up borrowing her stuffs one after another XD. She had many pairs of shoes too. So I can save more penny since we have the same size of outfits and shoes. Hahhahah

Actually, I really do love shopping so much, well that's just girl do. But sometimes rather than buying new items, I love experimenting with my mom's and sister's oldies pieces because I love vintage and retro touch. Besides digging in the old closet, the other thing I love is thrift hunting!. You'll never know what you can find in the thrift store, many vintage and well made goods are there if you're lucky ;)

A friend of mine once said, "it goes without saying if you buy branded or expensive pieces you'll look chic (if you won't, just die :') ) , but the more challenging way is having the low priced stuffs but they look good on you". I love shopping new items but having a little challenge for my self won't hurt too right? also the way to go to save some pennies :D Oh you can also check Carousell app, there are many new and second goodies there for you to grab. I bought some of my shoes there too! XD
This buttoned down skirt was my sister's, the size is XS. It was quite torturing me to put this on. But for the sake of this kind of style I endured it. I definitely need to work out to loose some weight :")

Oversized sweater X midi buttoned skirt is the way to go!



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