Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rainbow Parfait

"...and put the sprinkles on top of the rainbow parfait"

Hello Everyone...

Happy new year 2016!!

So, what are your visions for this year? For me, I promised my self to be more productive than before, and I arranged some kinda bucket lists to do for this entire year! I wish I could go for Umrah ( how I'm longing for Mecca and Medinah, Masha Allah) , travel to some places I've never been to, managing my own company and many more -_-. Pheeeww.... It's quite, well, a lot of them, dunno how I manage to fulfill it, but yeah let's just wait and see, hehe.

Well, actually the reason behind that much of wish lists is because I'm (helplessly) in a dangerous comfort zone right now. I enjoyed a lot of my idle time watching anime, may be my huge achievement lately would be spending more than 50GB of my data for streaming online of my favorite anime, One Piece. I managed to watch from the first episode up to the latest one (about 720+ episodes) in literally 4 days. That just showed what kinda bum I've become :| . But the most beautiful yet sinful thing I've committed nowadays is eating pizza on the fluffy bed while watching my fav anime in some consecutive chilled rainy days. Someone please pull me out of this zone! :'(

Well, talking about the anime I've watched recently, there's this anime titled Working!!. This anime is about the daily activities of the workers at one particular restaurant. I didn't expect too much of this anime, but surprisingly it is not as boring as the tittle sounds to be! Everyday there's an interesting issue occurred at the restaurant. My fav character of this show is the manager! She is the strongest among all of the workers, well of course because she had one of a kind past as a leader of some delinquents. She always confronted her superior and literally never lifted a finger at her work place, but she had her own way to deal with the problems within the restaurants which is, of course, irrational hahhaha. One that left an impression to me is that the manager always asked for a parfait. This 2D is enough for me to drool over the sweetness of a colorful parfait! But, rather than trying to crave one to eat, it inspired me to crave one to be worn!

Yes, this vibrant color block sweater which resembled the layers of a rainbow parfait really made my day! I paired it with the neutral nude pants to make the whole outfits looked friendly to the eyes. I put on a pair of red loafers with my favorite stripes socks. For finishing, polkadot scarf as the sprinkles on top of the rainbow parfait.

 Let the  vibrant color block sweater up against the neutral nude pants.


"For finisihing, the polkadot scarf as the sprinkles on top of the rainbow parfait"

Anyway, I've reflected on the neglect I did so far and found the key to open up the new path ahead, "if you have some reasons to delay something good, give your self hundreds of reasons why you should do it now, because later will become never". So I guess now It's time for me to leave this comfort zone and try to fulfill my bucket lists one by one! Ganbatte!!! Bismillah, treat me right 2016!

Color block sweater, Pastelova
Burgundy sling bag, DKNY

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