Friday, January 22, 2016

Effortless weekend

"It takes an effort to look effortless "

Hi! Happy weekend everyone!
Rainy season's still around, I got under weather this past few weeks. Now that I got better I started to go out (of my bedroom) again. Well, either being well or sick I'm just so lazy even to lift a finger. This rainy days really deepens my relationship with bed.

So, yesterday I decided to leave my room to have a sort of coffee break with my friend. With the eyes half open, I just randomly threw some pieces that hung at the back of door together.I think the outcome is not that bad, hehe. This boyfriend blazer got my back when I had nothing to wear. :')

After having this coffee break or what-so-ever, One americano responsible to make me suffer last night because of ulcer and insomnia. Seriously, I'm done with caffeine! :'(

Yellow and plaid, not bad ( right? :|)

I have this thing with yellow!


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