Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Back to December

"December, the friday of the months.."

It's december already! Wow time does fly, now we're standing at the end of the year! I skipped some weeks to post since I'm so busy with my stuffs and now I'm already back on track! B-)

Talking about december, holiday season is just around the corner. Anybody plan to go somewhere for vacay ? For me, I have no plan at all. May be if I feel like it that would be somewhere nearby.

Well, nowadays it's raining a lot here. So I thought turtleneck blouse would be a purfect choice to feel warm and cozy (this rings a bell, oh yeah one of a K-Drama tittle hehe) during this chill days. I paired it with checkered pinafore dress.

Turtleneck blous, Zara
Checkered Pinafore Dress and sling bag, Pastelova
Silver shoes, Jeffrey Campbell


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