Thursday, November 5, 2015

3 golden rules to mix patterns

Hello! Happy november everyone!

Nowadays, we've seen monochrome looks like everywhere you turn your face on, it's really trending, I guess. I do love this kind of look which is effortlessly chic. This look is one of my choices for daily outfits especially when that moment came, yes, the moment you think you don't have anything to wear ( as always, said every women ever )  and that black, white or gray always give me the last minute option.

But now what about changing pace? May be  a bit more challenging than two toned colors combo. So here I want to share a wilder side of fashion, it's crashing patterns!

Recently, I opened up my long lost pictures folder on my laptop. I didn't realize how much I love mixing patterns untill I collect these looks together hahaha. So, it's more like a compilation of my mash-up looks and just some simple tips of mixing patterns that might inspire you. So here we go...

1. Let's say stripes and polkadots are neutral!

I love pairing stripes and polkadots with any patterns, they just look get along with another prints they are paired with, don't you think? So, let's just consider them as neutral.

Can never go wrong with floral and stripes!

Small dots are perfect to be paired with another patterns as the eyes can see it as a solid color and mesh well with another prints.

2. Break the patterns up

Give some space to the patterns for a more balanced look, and you know what? neutral is the best way to count on. In the following look I wore patterned scarf and skirt then break the patterns up with neutral colors or the similar colors.  

Adding some basic colors to your prints is one of the best way to go!

3. Mix patterns within a similar colour pallete

Mixing patterns is not just randomly throwing some pieces together. The patterns should share at least one similar color to tie them together.

Even though the patterns are totally different, but they do share the same color pallete to connect with each other.

So, which one is your favorite look? any more idea to add? Leave your comment below, I'd really appreciate it! Don't forget to share your blog links too, I'll visit them! thanks :)


  1. Such a lovely post! xo


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  3. Super cute looks, you are a pattern mixing queen! I am a more simple kind a girl, but I do love pops of patterns. You are inspirational! I'll be fallowing you from now on via Bloglovin. Hope you visit my blog and follow if you like it!

    Kisses from Los Angeles,

  4. Love our tips!! Great post :)

  5. Great tips, dear, I do love to mix prints myself)

  6. I love all these looks. You have a great sense of style :)

  7. Great tips! Absolutely love to mix different patterns!
    Fashion Soup

  8. This is pretty cool
    LOvin the leopard one

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