Friday, October 2, 2015

High by the Beach

Hello! Did I mention that I'm gonna update my blog every weeks? yes! I'll do my best to stick to this commitment, hehe :D. Well, as I mentioned before on the previous post, I went for a sort of ASEAN trip (?)  last holiday. So, this time I'm going to recap what we experienced in Pattaya!

One of the attractions in Pattaya is surely, the beach. There are some small islands here, Koh Larn, Koh Samed and another Koh-s, can't remember the name, haha. So we picked Koh Larn as our destination. It was actually rainy season at the time but lucky us, we had such a sunny day so that we had no trouble to visit the island with a speedy boat.

As we landed to the island, that lil' kid inside of me came to life! I ran, slept, sat and jumped at the beach shore like no one was watching. It was fine tho since no one would recognize me, hahahah, so I just went crazy.

Welcome to Koh Larn island!

Enjoying the vitamin sea...

Swinging by the beach is really fun!

Pineapple everyone?

Posing in front of the pirates ship!

Catch-me-if-you-can kinda pose, lol

It was 3 pm, time to head back , so just when I tried to get on the boat, KABOOM! my forehead hit the upper plat of the boat so damn hard that the whole boat was swayed and everyone on the boat shocked and looked at me with that kind of expression, between about to laugh but being tolerant so they just asked if I'm okay or not, I said I'm not okay out of a sudden because it seriously HURT not only my forehead but also my PRIDE :"( that moment you just wished you could jump out of the boat and sank deeep in the sea, huaaaaaaaaaa it was so humiliating! The next thirty minutes that took us to the shore was totally a nightmare, so awkward that I kept my head down :')

Well, as we arrived at the shore, we were picked up by a Tuktuk along with some other tourists earlier on the boat, so on our way back to the hotel I heard one of the tourist talked about me ( I was in the front seat beside the driver), he laughed and told the others that I hit my head so damn hard! hello??? I heard you, sir! hahahahahahha but that was such a pretty (ache) story in the end.

Oh! here is the video I made with iMovie, so fun to collage the videos into a movie trailer :D

Straw hat, J.Rep 
Pineapple Kimono, Haidee & Orlin
Fringe Bag, Stradivarius
Wide Leg Denim Pants, Rumah Mode

S&C top, Zaskia Sungkar
Two Slits Daisy Skirt, Forever 21
Wedges Sandal, Tracce


  1. These photos are amazing! I love all of the colors!

  2. Amazing pictures!! Looks great!!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Absolutely love the colours of your outfit!
    Fashion Soup

  4. the beach is so beautiful where you are! love your beach outfit!

  5. Love how your outfit matches the hijab!

    - Seyra x


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