Friday, October 23, 2015


Hey! Happy friyeay!

Fyuhhh! It's been a busy week. Didn't got a chance to take a single OOTD pictures I was planning earlier. Thank god I still have some looks that worth ( I guess)  to post :D

Edgeek stands for Edgy and Geek, haha. it's kinda lame, isn't it? :| it was just in the spur of the moment, what if a four-eyed girl wearing a black dress and leather boots?

These shots were taken while I was at the Hilton hotel in Pattaya. I and my friends were chillin' out at the roof top lounge to enjoy the skyline of the city and also watching the sunset, still a couple hours till the sun went down so it was like but-first-lemme-take-OOTD-pictures kinda moment, (as always) haha.

Tried to pull off an edgy style with this black slits maxi dress and leather boots, tartan long shirt as an outer.

massive headache pose, -__-

Location : Hilton Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand.

Hijab, Pastelova Hijab
Slits maxi dress, Forever 21
Tartan shirt dress, Chic Boutique
Sling bag, DKNY
Ankle boots, H&M


  1. looking great, I love the tartan long shirt, so trendy...

  2. Love this look!

  3. You look gorgeous in this outfit! You have such a unique style, it's amazing! I know what it's like when you're so busy that you can't even take a picture of your OOTD, haha.

    xo, Esther

  4. This is such a cute look! I love the jeans and your boots!

  5. red really suits you! lovely outfit

  6. So lovely outfit!
    Have a nice week!
    Angela Donava

  7. Amazing post! I love the pictures:)

  8. Love the cool combo with the plaid and print shirt <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Great looks so lovely on you!

  10. Love it! Great layering with this long shirt! You pull this off so well!

  11. great outfit! i love layers!

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