Friday, October 9, 2015

Back to Nature

Hi! This is the second part of my travel journal in Pattaya. Besides the exotic islands, Pattaya also has something more to offer. Silverlake Vineyard is one that you shouldn't miss! 

Silverlake Vineyard, located at Chonburi, about 16 km from Pattaya City. The view at the vineyard was simply breathtaking, a fresh and cool atmosphere, a cluster of buildings in Tuscan architecture and beautiful flower beds all around. I was like, am really at Thailand right now? Pretty mesmerized with the scence that I couldn't snap as much as I planned, haha.

Inside the cluster of buildings, there was a terrace that resembled  a small town square with a fountain, this reminds me of Mineral Town in the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature game! Anybody ever played it? When I first stepped in, the theme song just rang in my head :| haha, I was pretty hooked on the game, used to lose track of time while playing it. So, when I came back to my sense, I took some pictures and strolled around the cluster.

The terrace resembled a Mineral Town Square

After finished going back and forth, we decided to have a tour around the place. This place is quite huge, We didn't want to break a leg, so we took a tuktuk provided by the vineyard. The tuktuk goes in a fixed route and with fixed stops that long enough for the visitors to have some snaps.

View from our ride

Stopped by every photogenic spots :p

Actually, the main attraction of this place is the product of the vineyard itself, grapes. But unfortunately it was not the harvest season at the time. But worry not! The priceless view compensated it.

Entering the winery 

Vineyard products display

 Fresh grape juice, hurray!

There you go, our ride!

Ready-for-an-adventure kinda pose,haha.

So when we already wrapped up the tour, we decided to go back to the hotel at the city, but on our way back we stopped by the Glass House Restaurant to have a seafood-lunchie. It was a great lunch and a great view, I'm glad I'm alive! Subhanallah :")

 Seafood galore by the sea.

Hijab, Pastelova Hijab
Denim shirt, Pull and Bear
Polkadot Pallazo Pants,  Pull and Bear
White Sneakers, Bershka
Backpack, Stradivarius


  1. Great photos! I really like the polka dot pants with the jean jacket, great combination!

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  3. Beautiful pics, love your outfit!

  4. What a beautiful post!! Such awesome photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great blog post! Love the pics

  6. What an adorable beach area! Seriously, the cutest thing ever! Thanks for sharing these! <3

  7. Oh, it must be so wonderful and you wore the perfect look for your trip!
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  10. Amazing post dear! Have a nice day:)

  11. such a terrific place, hope you enjoyed it, babe,

  12. such a terrific place, hope you enjoyed it, babe,

  13. such a terrific place, hope you enjoyed it, babe,

  14. What a beautiful place!
    Love your pictures.


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