Friday, September 18, 2015

Time Traveling


Hi there! Wow I've been so diligent updating my blog lately. Hope I can keep it up XD

Well, this time I just wanna share about my hobby and stuffs. Anyone love Korean drama? If you do, we can be a K-drama freak fellow you know hahaha. Am head over heels in love with K-drama especially those who are casted by Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jong Suk, Kim Won Bin, Jang Geun Seuk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Eun Hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Tae Hee, Shin Min Ah, Gong Hyo Jin ( ok this will take the rest of this post and will be :D) and many more I can't name them all here, duration ehem haha, whatever.

Well, many K-Dramas have interesting plots, like the recent drama aired on TVN, Oh My Ghost, okay I think this drama totally daebakkkkk, the best drama I've watched so far this year. The plot is like the merged version of both Pasta and Master's Sun. The chemistry between the lead casts is just aarggghhhh totally a must-watch. Rumor has it that Park Bo Young got the highest paid from TVN, it's totally worth it! she's one of the best actress I know.

K-Dramas actually always have the typical story like keeping up with the chaebol (freaking rich people), lawyers stuffs, medical thangs ( like my current fav, Yong Pal ! wohooo ), high school issues, flower boys (most of the most common story haha) , time-traveling, the seperated twinnies or doppleganger (like Mask, High School 2015 : Who Are You, etc), and many more. I love them all, even though I knew how the event turned out, it's just exciting to follow the way the story is carried out and the twist ( and also thanks to the eye-candy faces that beautify the screen, big YEAY! ). One of the story that impress me is the time-travel thang that always makin me hyped up. Any body can name the time travel K-Drama? Marry Him if You Dare is one of them. So this time, it inspires me to have this look, but I pick a retro theme and voilaaaaaaa.............

White Waistcoat, Pastelova Closet | Flower Square hijab, Pastelova Hijab

I love this retro-chic turban style because no pin's needed! Haha totally made for me who's terrible with pins, they're always gone in the thin air :|. So yes, this is the turban tutorial as promised! The following pictures describe it step by step. 

Use a square scarf then fold it into a triangle...

And tarrraaaaaaaaaaaaaa........
Hope you'll love it :D

OOTD Tips:

- Vest or waistcoat can conceal your lower, right and left part of body so it leaves a more slim kinda impression, which is a yeaynesss :p

- Turban is a big no no to you who have a chubbier cheeks :( but worry not! This era they invent what is called as antem (anti tembem) a.k.a ninja inner, hahaha lol. It helps to trick the chubbiness, but don't wear it too tight otherwise you'll look chubbier than you actually are ( it happened to me back then with my first ever inner,haha).

- Flare jeans is trending again! and I'm lovin it so much, it makes me look taller :D

- Crashing patterns is halal hehe, as long as they have the same colors in common. And for stripes, I think it'll look good with any pattern it's paired, don't you agree? especially with floral one, my favorite combo!

Bonus story...

I'm currently watching the drama that replaced the Oh My Ghost slot, it's seriously makin me hooked. Can you imagine that Choi Ji Woo acted some romance comedy instead of a Melodrama! ( I'm not really into the melo melo stuffs). Yes! It's Twenty Again or Second Time Twenty Year. This show will be a huge hit, I bet! the plot is so interesting that I'm dying to wait for the new episodes every single week!. OMG I should have let it completed before I start watching it >.<. 

Oh there's also this drama from MBC , She Was Pretty, starred by Hwang Jung-Eum and Park Seo-Joon ! I'm kinda ship them while they casted on Kill Me Heal Me drama and now there they are playing  a romance comedy drama too! Am so excited, just watched the first episode , it already stole my heart from the get go. It's totally gonna be on my top watching list! OMG dying to wait the eng sub of 2nd episode :'(

I always watch drama streaming online via , they upload the english subtitle faster than any other web, I highly recommend this site.

Okay that's for now. May be I should have a new page category just to ramble about this K-drama thangss, haha I just can't finish once I start talkin about this.

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