Monday, September 7, 2015

Singing for the Rain

Singing for the rain....
This post is actually inspired by the kingdom of clouds the town where I live in, Riau Indonesia, is currently enveloped by a thick haze. The visibility is around 300 meters or so. It is said that the air quality has hit the hazardous level, means dangerous.

This phenomenon is actually an annual issue, every year there are some hot spots or forests fire which caused this haze. But this year we are hit so badly, I heard there are dozens of hot spots not only from within the province but also from the neighbourhood, in addition it's predicted there will be no rain until October or November.

Can you imagine the first thing in the morning you use to smell is a fresh air but now nothing more than the acrid smell. People are suggested to wear a mask but I rebel a lot, you know -_-

Actually, we're too disapointed with any party that responsible for this. I mean it just repeated over and over with no solution better than extinguish the fire. I think the government should step up from extinguishing to preventing. That is one of the way to combat this annual haze problem. Because most of the forest fires were started deliberately by farmers and companies engaged in slash-and-burn practice.

We do really hope that rain will come soon before the haze get worst, so that the kids can go to school like usual and another activities back on track. Most importantly, we can finally breath the fresh air the first thing we open the door in the morning. Please share this awareness #PRAYFORRIAU #masihmelawanasap

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