Saturday, September 26, 2015

Plaid with the Leopard


Recently I dug in my closet to find my oldie but goodie pieces that I can mix and match with. Well y'know being a fashion lover is quite costly if I should say hahahah seriously. If you have a cramped closet yet you're still buying more clothes that's not eco ( read : wallet ) friendly you know! Hahhahaa XD 

So I found my Uniqlo basic shirt, and this plaid skirt I bought years ago from a thrift market. Then this leopard shawl showed up, crookedly, at the bottom of my closet! Wow, been ages not wearing it. And then... It crossed my mind, what about putting them together? Yes, these "dimensionally" different patterns.

Never knew that plaid would be in harmony with animal pattern like leopard! ( I think hehe ).

"Taming" the leopard shawl with my basic Uniqlo shirt and cropped denim vest, then "plaid" 'em with this vintage A-line buttoned skirt, and finally glam 'em up with this Gold Plat Steve Madden wedges sneakers.

Loving my Retro Flip-up Shades!

Indeed, hijab is not a fashion, but you know what? Put them together, they'll be a great outfit don't cha think? ;)

Leopard shawl, local boutique
Basic shirt, UNIQLO
Denim vest, Pastelova Closet
Gold Plat Wedges Sneakers, Steve Madden

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