Pastelize Your Edgy Look!

Edgy is often described as dark and rocking style. With the black liner on, leather jacket or boots, studded stuffs and any metal accessories are a must to display this kind of style. I really love it since it creates a tough and cool image for you. One of my fashion inspirations of this style is Alexa Chung. She really rocks every outfits she wear. I adore her so much :D

well anyway, talking about the edgy style, it's supposed to be one rock n roll look, but somehow I love pastel colors that is bright and soooo feminine. Thus, I tried to combine them in one look and voilaa... this how it turned out...

Channeling my floral navy dress with a  mint colored jumper which lights up the whole look. Never knew that navy would get along with mint before. I just love this combination,hehe.

 As a scarf I wear plaid pattern shawl. Plaid vs floral? Why not! I'm loving this triple combo! ( plaid  x mint × floral). To complete this look I put on some leather boots and one simple studded clutch.  Oh, and those Cage Fighter shades and triangle necklace are also made my day.

Plaid Scarf, novie rock store | Cage Fighter Shades, Berkana Growth | Mint jumper, H&M | Floral Navy Dress and studded clutch, Pastelova Boutique | Leather Ankle Boots, H&M


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